Tuesday – April 29th, 2014

 “That which we persist in doing becomes easy to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our power to do has increased.”  This quote is above our On Ramp Board in the gym.  How do you think this applies to CrossFit?  What about Burpees?  What we do in the gym never becomes easier.  Work is work. 100 pounds is always 100 pounds.  If some movements are getting “easier” it is simply a sign that you are better.  You are better at running, quick feet, bear crawls, push ups, ring rows, squats, and yes even burpees.  You are more powerful than when you started.  The key to this quote is persistence.  Make sure you come in and workout.  Make sure you do your burpees today.  Don’t make excuses, just get it done.  Let yourself be motivated by others.  Here is a little secret of mine.  I am not a very self motivated individual.  I try to hold myself to a workout schedule but most days I wake up and have no desire to workout.  It is not until I see you guys working out that I get excited to workout.  What fuels and motivates me is when I see you guys showing up at 5:30 in the morning or 7:00 at night after a long day at work to workout.  (every one in between as well)  I know for me, I just need to get moving.  I just need to show up.  I am motivated by others, so I surround myself with people doing what I know I want to do.  If you are are struggling to find motivation to come to the gym it is completely normal.  But, we know we need it.  We know it will make us better.  It will make us happier.  Figure out what gets you going.  Whether it is music, a quote, these motivational pieces, or whatever.  Keep them close and use them to get yourself going.  Reach out to others and encourage them.  They will respond by encouraging you.  We all need encouragement.  Be awesome.
Workout Strategy
This workout is designed to be done very quickly.  Ideally you could do all 15 reps straight though it should be very taxing.  Form on your Thruster is crucial.  Remember, the bar starts in the front rack position with elbows high like a Front Squat.  When you are about 6-8 inches from coming back up to full hip extension you should violently drive through your heels, thrusting your hips forward to create momentum on the bar and press the bar overhead.  When your hips are in full extension keep your weight on your heels, Glute muscles engaged as you press the bar overhead.  Put your head through the window, but do not over extend by putting your chest forward.  Bring the bar back to a good front rack position with high elbows before starting your next repetition.  As for the sit ups – use your arms and go fast.  This workout should be done in less than five minutes.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Deadlift
Level 1: For Time15-10-5


Ab Mat Sit Ups x2

Level 2: For Time15-10-5

Thrusters, 75/45#

Ab Mat Sit Ups x2

Level 3: For Time15-10-5

Thrusters, 115/75#

GHD Sit Ups / Ab Mat Sit Ups x2

Level 4: For Time15-10-5

Thrusters, 155/95#

GHD Sit Ups / Ab Mat Sit Ups x2

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