Tuesday – August 4, 2015 (20150804)

Level 1

100 Thrusters for time

EMOM stop thrusters to do 1 burpee

Level 2

100 Thrusters for time 65/42#

EMOM stop thrusters to do 3 burpees

Level 3

100 Thrusters for time 95/68#

EMOM stop thrusters to do 5 burpees

Level 4 Rx


100 Thrusters for time 135/95#

EMOM stop thrusters to do 5 burpees



AMRAP Strict pullups then 5 x 60%


If you get so tired that you’re only able to complete the burpees in a minute, the workout will go on forever… we call this burpee jail. Stay out of burpee jail! Have a plan and stick to it, don’t burn yourself out at the beginning.

Get more Awesome: 4 minutes (or more) of mobility

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Monday November 18, 2019 (20191118)

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