Tuesday – December 31st, 2013

New Year Nutrition Challenge Starts this weekend.  We are strongly encouraging everyone to participate.  Your nutritional habits are more important than your workouts.  You eat several times a day and are lucky if you can get in one workout everyday.  Get ready to start the New Year off right with our 21 Day Paleo Challenge.  Guidelines and rules will come this week.
Holiday Schedule
Modified Schedule – December 31st  (Open for all Morning Classes)
 Modified Schedule – January 1st (Open for all Evening Classes)
I went to a memorial service Monday morning for a friend that passed away last Monday.  Nolan Draney was 78 years old.  We attended the same church congregation for nearly 7 years.  I can’t say we were good friend’s but I can tell you that when he spoke to you, he made you feel like you were the most important person in the world.  Born in Star Valley Wyoming he received his MBA from Harvard University.  Yet, He loved wearing his cowboy boots.  He was a successful business man, but what was most impressive was how loved he was by his family.  His Grandson’s spoke and told of how their Grandfather was their most trusted mentor and friend.  How he had attended all their sporting events and school functions.  They spoke of his unconditional love and continued support.  Another story that was shared was from two weeks ago when he lay at Saddleback Memorial Hospital undergoing Chemo treatment.  While visiting with family a janitor had walked in to empty the trash.  Nolan, having been the Chief Operating Officer at Saddleback Memorial Hospital several years ago recognized the janitor and called him by name.  The janitor was surprised to see “Mr. Draney, what are you doing here?”  Nolan turned the attention from himself to ask the man how his family was doing.  I’m sure he even remembered their names as I had a similar experience a few months back when I ran into Mr. Draney.  He has been suffering from health problems for several months now and when I asked how he was doing he quickly changed the topic to ask (by name) how my kids were doing.  He was that type of Man.  One who was genuinely concerned about everyone he met.  His love for others did not go unnoticed.  There were probably about a thousand people in attendance at the memorial service.  What a legacy he has left.  I can tell you I have been deeply influenced by his example.  What legacy will you leave? 
Today we would like to see you get to a heavy workload.  We don’t want a Split Jerk.  The focus will be keeping your chest vertical during the dip and drive phase.  Jump up and extend your arms pushing your torso back down under the bar.  Arms locked out above your head as your feet hit the ground.  Smooth but explosive.
 Workout Strategy
This workout is a little long to just sprint through.  Be as efficient on the Push Press as you can.  Break up the pull ups if you need to and then use the lunges as your mental break to prepare for the Push Press.  The lunges also give your arms a break.  Keeping control of your breathing from the beginning.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes:Push Jerk – Add weight each set
Level 1:  

4 Rounds: 

6 Push Press

12 Ring Rows

18 lunges


Level 2:   4 Rounds: 

6 Push Press, 85/55#

5/3 Pull Ups

18 lunges


Level 3:4 Rounds:

6 Push Press, 115/75#

12 Pull Ups

24 lunges


Level 4:4 Rounds: 

6 Push Press, 135/95#

12 Pull Ups

24 lunges


Get more awesome: 2×10 weighted good mornings and shoulder mobility.

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