Tuesday – February 25th, 2014

(Compare Workout to June 4th, 2013)
An e-mail I received On Friday February 21st, 2014.  How are you using CrossFit?  Are you interested in having your kids tryout our CrossFit Kids Program?
Good morning Justin,

Does a family that exercises together stay together??
This morning Debbie brought the kids over to our house to wish my husband, Bob, a happy birthday.  I commented to him that you were proud of their squats yesterday and so we all proceeded to do one.  We had a good laugh.  I do want you to know that the exercise yesterday of having the kids judge each other and having your input made a great impression on the kids. Shai was so happy this morning…. you did just what she needed.  Kudos to YOU for all that you are doing to help our kids!
I understand that one of your children has a birthday today as well.  Wish them a happy birthday from all of us.
Again, many thanks for your expertise.  It is appreciated more than you know.
Have a great weekend.
This week we are moving into our new strength protocol.  You will be performing 5 repetitions every 2 minutes for 5 sets.  These sets should be at least 20% heavier than our 10 rep sets.  
Workout Strategy
Repetition management will have to be at its finest today.  Coming up with a game plan will be crucial.  Here is what I recommend for our level 1 & 2 athletes.  Break up the wall balls into sets of 5 every 20-25 seconds.  Break up the pull ups into 4 or 5 manageable sets with a set rest (every 20-30 seconds).  Keep the box jumps at a steady non stop rhythm.  Since the Snatch is alternating arms you can keep these moving steady by bringing the weight down controlled keeping your back in an upright static position, knees bent into a good setup to go right into the next movement.  The advice for level 3&4 athletes.  Do 20 wall per minute.  Sets of 10 reps every 30 seconds to stay fresh for the pull ups.  Pull ups you can do 10 every 30 seconds, but don’t be surprised if these drop to sets of 5.  Just keep your breaks short.  You need to keep moving on the box jumps.  Focus on a good hip drive and you will be able to cruise through the Snatch.  If you don’t cruise through the Snatches then you went to heavy.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                 Day 1 or 2
Level 1: For Time

40 Wall Ball, 14/10#

40 Ring Rows

30 Box Jumps, 20/16

30 DB Snatch (Alternating Arms)

Level 2: For Time

60 Wall Ball, 20/14#

15 Pull Ups

40 Box Jumps, 20/16

30 DB Snatch (Alternating Arms) 25/15#

Level 3:For Time

60 Wall Ball, 20/14#

30 Pull Ups

40 Box Jumps, 24/20

30 DB Snatch (Alternating Arms) 35/20#

Level 4: For Time

60 Wall Ball, 20/14#

50 Pull Ups

40 Box Jumps, 24/20

30 DB Snatch (Alternating Arms) 45/30#

Get more awesome: 3 rounds of 15 Ab Mat sit ups and 15 super mans.

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