Tuesday – January 17, 2017 (20170117)

Level 1

4 rounds, 2 minute rest after each full round:


DB Squat clean thrusters

Ring Rows


Level 2

4 rounds, 2 minute rest after each full round:


DB Squat clean thrusters 20/10

Pull ups


Level 3

4 rounds, 2 minute rest after each full round:


DB Squat clean thrusters 30/20

Pull ups


Level 4

4 rounds, 2 minute rest after each full round:


DB Squat clean thrusters 40/30

CTB Pull ups



I started teaching Morgan how to drive last week.  Here are some of my observations of the learning process.  Fear can paralyze our actions.  We fill in the unknown with worst case scenarios, fear, and doubt.  As we become fixated on our fears they become our reality.  I have written about this concept before.  Replace the word fears with thoughts.  Now replace the unknown doubt and fear with confidence and excitement.  Can this alter the way we learn?  Will this give us a greater chance of success?  Day two with Morgan went far better than day one.  Experience, even with failure, allows us to replace the unknowns.  Maybe you crash and burn the first time (Morgan didn’t crash).  But at least you know what you did or did not do to crash.  You can begin to make adjustments that allow of success.  Give yourself a positive plan.

Morgan learned while driving that if you wish to make a change in direction in a very short distance (parking) then you have to make a big change at the steering wheel.  She observed the same 90 degree left at an intersection required far less movement of the steering wheel.  She then observed even less required movement of the wheel to stay in the lane of a street that curved ever so slightly to the left. This observation had a big impact on Morgan’s understanding of driving.  Are you thinking what I’m now thinking?  Aren’t these course corrections the same with our lives.  If we want immediate and drastic changes in our direction of travel then we will need to make big changes in our behavior and actions.  If we take the long term approach then a small change over time will get us to our final destination or completely off course.  What I have observed is that we are so anxious for immediate and drastic results that we don’t fully comprehend that it takes drastic changes in our lives to make them a reality.  We have come to expect these immediate results while only making small almost unnoticeable changes in our behavior.  Then we ignore small things that we know are not good which have drastic effects on us over the course of time.

What are you willing to change to be better? To become more awesome?


Day 1 or Day 2

We’re starting our “muscle endurance” strength cycle this week!

day 1 – Front squat

day 2- Press

day 3- Deadlift

day 4- Bench press

day 5- Back Squat

Everything is 10 EMOM for 5 minutes.

Do Day 1 on the first day this week that you come in (even if it’s friday!). This means that in order to do back squat on Friday you need to come in every day.

Pick an easy starting weight. The idea is to add weight every week, so give yourself room to grow!

Every lift except for back squat is from the floor.

Mobility: Smash traps and lats 3 minutes per side.

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