Tuesday – June 11th, 2013

 What I love about Mission CrossFit.  I have a to do list that never seems to go away.  Good days are when I can chip away at the list.  Great days are when I am interrupted to spend time talking with someone about their goals or ways we have helped them.  I used to stress out about completing the list until I realized that the list will never be finished and that the people in the gym are more important than any item on the list.  I still stress about getting things done but I welcome the interruptions and appreciate the opportunities I can to interact with you all.  We had a day one trial this morning that I got to work with.  She recently finished her Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer and had her final surgery earlier this year.  Yes, she was inspiring.  She worked very hard.  She actually threw up after the workout.  My goal for first day people is NOT to have them throw up.  She has such a strong will that she pushed beyond her current physical capabilities.  She said she enjoyed the workout and will be returning Wednesday Morning.  I love to meet people that have such an appreciation for life.  What are you doing to make yourself stronger?  Are you pushing hard enough?  If you want better results you will have to work harder, eat better, and sleep more.  Let’s do it.
 Hang Power Clean allows us to work on keeping our arms straight through the shrug of the shoulders and extension of the hips.  All this must me done  while jumping hard through the heels.  We are not muscling the bar to our shoulders but rather jumping and shrugging the weight in a violent motion that allows the bar to fly upward with it’s own momentum to our shoulders.  Catch the bar on your shoulders with elbows high.
Workout Strategy
While the weights on this one may appear heavy the goal of the workout is to do the Thrusters unbroken.  Pick a weight where you believe you can do all the repetitions.  The run needs to be done at a pace where you keep your breathing under control for the Thrusters.  Be smooth and consistent.  Technique on the Thrusters is very crucial.  Make sure you have a great Front Squat position with the bar resting on your shoulders.  Drive through your heels to carry momentum into the bar to the overhead position.  Smooth will be fast today.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Hang Power Clean: 5 every minute for 10 minutes
Level 1: 

45/35# Thruster, 15 Reps

Run 200 meters

35/25# Thruster, 20 Reps

Run 400 meters

25/10# Thruster, 30 Reps

Level 2: 

95/65# Thruster, 15 Reps

Run 200 meters

55/35# Thruster, 20 Reps

Run 400 meters

35/25# Thruster, 30 Reps

Level 3: 

115/85# Thruster, 15 Reps

Run 200 meters

75/55# Thruster, 20 Reps

Run 400 meters

45/35# Thruster, 30 Reps

Level 4: 

135/95# Thruster, 15 Reps

Run 200 meters

95/65# Thruster, 20 Reps

Run 400 meters

65/45# Thruster, 30 Reps

Get more awesome: 2 minute Frog Stand

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