Tuesday – June 3rd, 2014

  Our experiences in life shape our thoughts and actions.  They influence the way we look and respond to one another.  Have you ever made a mistake?  Have you ever said something you should not have said?  What if we were judged by every negative thing we ever did?  Today’s thought focuses on how we react to those with whom we may have had a negative experience.  The experiences I am referencing for the point of this piece is based on small grievances or those that stem from gossip.  Where we have formed a prejudice that is carried into every interaction with or about that individual.  When we carry these negative thoughts we may be holding ourself back.  If our interactions start with negative thoughts than we will not get anything positive from it.  Negativity is the great plague of our day.  It separates us into groups and pins us one against another.  I believe that we can solve this problem by always looking at the potential good people can offer.  Look at what the intentions of the individual are.  Try to understand their point of view.  Realize that it is not us versus them.  We need people to be different.  We need different points of view to fully appreciate this life.  I believe we all seek to be happy and a very large majority of people we interact with would also like to see us succeed.  This is something I have had to work on.  Because of my time spent as a Police Officer my first thoughts about people are suspicious.  What are they trying to hide and what is the real motive behind their actions.  You must protect yourself, but what if we could set aside all the petty differences we have with people and create a community founded on trust and respect?  It starts with us.  With you.  Seek to make everyone feel important.  
We started this Strength Program back in October.  Has you Squats, Press, and Deadlift improved?  Are you still improving?
Workout Strategy
Today is a break from the long workouts.
 Monday’s workout was more cardiovascular based. Running followed by  light Kettlebell swings and then Sit Ups.  Today is a strength based workout.  The workout has a name as it is a Hero Workout.  Which means Level 4 is even more difficult then normal.  To put it into a little perspective I could not even physically complete the workout for my first 3 years of doing CrossFit.  So a couple trains of thought here.  If you are strong enough attempt the full version and use it not as a training day but a test of where you stand.  For the vast majority of everyone lets be smart on how we approach this workout and look at how it is designed to be completed.  There should be very few breaks and the workout should be completed in less than 10 minutes.  Your breaks should be strategic.  Do 11 Deadlifts and take a break.  To start the hang power clean you will need to complete a Deadlift so there is number 12.  Some thought going into the Push Jerk.  The Push Jerk you will want to give yourself enough rest so that you can complete all 6 in a row.  It is a lot of work to get the weight back to your shoulders if you break them up.  There are 5 rounds so don’t go blazing the first round when you are totally fresh.  The movements get very difficult when you are tired.  The weight is supposed to be on the heavier side.  No one should take more than 15 minutes to do this workout.  Even though it took me 16 minutes 6 seconds to do this on Monday I don’t want anyone to be as slow as I was.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                               Day 1 or 2
Level 1: 

5 Rounds:

Deadlift, 12 Reps

Hang Power Clean, 9 Reps

Push Jerk, 6 Reps

Level 2:   

5 Rounds:

95/65# Deadlift, 12 Reps

95/65# Hang Power Clean, 9 Reps

95/65# Push Jerk, 6 Reps

Level 3: 

5 Rounds:


125/85# Deadlift, 12 Reps

125/85# Hang Power Clean, 9 Reps

125/85# Push Jerk, 6 Reps

Level 4: 

“DT” 5 Rounds:

155/115# Deadlift, 12 Reps

155/115# Hang Power Clean, 9 Reps

155/115# Push Jerk, 6 Reps

To Get more Awesome: 50 Sit Ups

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