Tuesday – March 11th, 2014

This Friday
Member Recognition and Movie Night.
Potluck and Movie start at 6:00 PM
Large Team Workout at 4:30 PM
We would like everyone to attend!!!
I often waste a lot of time and energy thinking about things I can not control.  One of the things I am working on is being more patient and not so quick to anger. I am trying to give more words of encouragement to my wife and kids.  I find myself telling my kids what they did wrong rather than all the things they did right.  This extends to a lot of areas of my life.  Instead of appreciating the good of situations I often quickly look at what is wrong.  Sure , things could be better and sometimes need to be addressed but how often is that really the case?  Instead of me telling my kids what they did I should be teaching them what they can do to get a better result.  Let us try to be a little less serious and a lot more loving.
During the press are you should concentrate on keeping your glutes and stomach tight.  You feet should be twisting into the ground.  Be strong.
Workout Strategy
Today’s workout should be done controlled.  Deadlifts are a great exercise but I don’t want to see people losing technique.  No room for sloppy technique.  I would like to see everyone complete the workout in less than 8 minutes.  This gives you 4 seconds to complete each repetition.  Meaning you need to start your Thrusters at the 1 minute 50 second mark, your second set of Deadlift at 3 minutes 40 seconds, your second set of Thrusters at 5 minutes 2 seconds, you last set of deadlifts at 6 minutes 20 seconds and your final set of Thrusters at 7 minutes 15 seconds.  This will have you finish right at or below 8 minutes.  The tricky part is picking the right weight.  Error on the side of going light.  I don’t recommend doing all 21 straight reps in the first round.  Maybe 15/6, and then 10/5 for round two, and then unbroken in the last round.  This actually gives you plenty of rest.  Each deadlift takes about 2 seconds and each thruster about 3 seconds.  This means total working time in the workout is 3 minute 45 seconds.  So be smooth and steady.  Taking planned breaks.  Smooth is Fast.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day Press: 5 reps E2MOM for 5 minutes
Level 1:





Level 2:



Deadlift, 135/95#

Thruster, 65/45#

Level 3:



Deadlift, 185/125#

Thruster, 75/55#

Level 4:



Deadlift, 225/155#

Thruster, 95/65#

Get more Awesome:  500 meter easy row & 30 ab mat sit ups

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