Tuesday – May 13th, 2014

Willing, able, and ready.  A benefit of CrossFit is that it gives you the confidence to succeed regardless of the task.  We learn as many movements as possible.  We don’t have to like it to be good at it.  We are ready to attempt any task thrown our way.  CrossFit teaches us to operate out of our comfort zone.  I had an experience Monday morning that I believe CrossFit helped me prepare for.  I was driving south bound on the I5 between La Paz  and Oso when I observed flames from a car a couple hundred yards in front of me.  I could tell it was coming from the engine compartment but wondered if the driver had any inclination something was wrong.  The driver initially started to pull to the left which sprung me into action because I didn’t want them stopping in the car pool lane.  Then the driver started making its way right across the lanes of traffic to the shoulder.  The flames appeared to be increasing in size.  I followed the car to the shoulder and parked near her car (but far enough away if the Fire Department were needed).  She looked at me more puzzled and probably wondering why this guy was stopping next to her.  I signaled her car was on fire and she exited a little panicked.  I told her to call 9-1-1 and ask for the fire department.  I looked under the car and could still see flames though they were not as big now that the car was stopped and turned off.  There was a good amount of smoke and traffic started to slow.  A semi truck rolled by us and I signaled to the driver to roll down his window and I asked if he had a fire extinguisher.  He pulled off to the shoulder.  By the time we popped the hood the flames had died out and we could see the melted hose lines.  The fire extinguisher was not needed.  So, how did CrossFit help with this scenario?  Well, maybe my previous duties as a police officer helped, but I strongly believe CrossFit gives us confidence under pressure.  It allows us to stay calm, alert, and aware.  I was confident in my physical abilities which gave me more time to think of a plan of action.  As a Police Officer I used to use my CrossFit workouts as scenarios for potential calls.  During the workouts I would talk to myself as though I was talking in the radio asking for different resources or communicating to fellow officers.  Knowing what repetition or round you are on and how much time is on the clock helps with your situational awareness.  Knowing where in the workout people next to you are is the next level of situational awareness.  CrossFit is a training ground for life, not just exercise.  Get more out of your workouts by having plans.  Focus on executing the plans and you will be more successful in the gym and in stressful life situations.  Be willing, able, and ready to respond to someone in need.  
Takes time and consistency.  10 Deadlift EMOM for 5 minutes.
Workout Strategy
 Notice there is no weight prescribed for Level 1 or Level 2.  Overhead Squats are very limiting for most people because of mobility.  Even if you just use a PVC pipe, I would like you to attempt overhead squats.  You should do a weight you know you can do all the repetitions without breaking them up.  Be consistent on the runs and focus on your technique for the OHS.  Today will be a great day.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Deadlift
Level 1:


Four rounds for time:Run 400m

10 Overhead Squat

Level 2: 


Five rounds for time:Run 400m

15 Overhead Squat

Level 3: 


Five rounds for time:

Run 400m

15 Overhead Squat 75/53#

Level 4:  


“Nancy”Five rounds for time:

Run 400m

15 Overhead Squat 95/75#

To Get more Awesome: 30 L-raises

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