Tuesday – May 20th, 2014

Special Memorial Day Mission CrossFit T-shirt
“Murph” will be the special workout on Monday May 26th at 9:00 am.  This will be a very limited edition shirt as we are only ordering what is pre-ordered.  You do not need to participate to order a shirt.  The 9 am class will be the only class we offer that day.  We are using the t-shirt drive as a fundraiser for our Kaizen Youth Program.  If you would like to order a shirt please sign up at the gym or e-mail me.  I need to submit the order by Wednesday at 3:oo PM so we get them in time.  Last minute I know but this puts some urgency on you and will get you to respond promptly.  No time to waste.  Cost for the shirt is $20.
justin@missioncrossfit.com (include size and male/female cut)
Monday morning I came into the gym and met Jennifer Shramo’s mother who is 84 years old and her mother in law.  Both were in town for Jennifer’s son’s graduation from USD Law School but were in the gym to see Jennifer and Marty doing CrossFit.  This led to a 30 minute discussion on things they can do to keep their mobility and strength.  Teaching CrossFit always has its rewards but having someone who is 84 understand that a few basic movements and the theory behind it can really benefit them is tremendous.  Her main worry is being restricted to a wheel chair.  She has noticed that her balance and upper body strength have deteriorated and was worried that it would only get worse.  It brought me so much joy when she realized that after doing just a few exercise movements with me that she could get stronger and in essence stop the aging process.  This also reinforced the knowledge that health and fitness are long term commitments.  Use it or lose it.  This is why challenges like the 30 days of Burpees is so good for us.  It helps to create a habit of fitness.  But be weary.  If you attach a negative attitude to daily exercise then it will form a habit of negativity which will lead to inactivity.  I don’t know of any positive long term benefits to inactivity.  What you are doing today will help you be who want to be tomorrow.  Let’s be awesome.
Are you still increasing weight on your Front Squats?
Workout Strategy
These are 2 minute sprints.  Complete your 10 Burpees as quick as possible and then get in the rower and go for it.  You will get a 2 minute break while your partner does their work.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Front Squat: 10 EMOM for 5 minutes
   Team Workout Of the Day: 

5 Rounds 2 mins on 2 minutes off:

10 Burpees over Rower

then Row for calories

To Get more Awesome: 2 minute L-Hang/ Leg Raise

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