Tuesday – May 25th, 2010

To give anything less than your best

is to sacrifice the gift.

Great extension Caleb!
Happy Birthday Adam!

5×5 of:
Push Press
Front Squat

Post Weights to Comments.

Endurance WOD…


3+ Hours After Anaerobic Endurance Strength & Conditioning WOD

Choose ONE of the Following Sports:

Swim: 10 x 30sec all out Efforts using pull paddles and float buoy… 2 min recovery between sprints.

Bike: 10x 30sec Hill Sprints,all out Efforts. Recoveries are, how long it takes you to come down the hill or 2min rest has been accrued. If you do not have a hill then use tension on a trainer or ergometer with steady/ heavy tension, 2 min Recovery between sprints. “Come into the hill at speed to maximize the 30sec sprint”

Run: 10x 30sec Hill Sprints, All out Efforts. 30sec rest at top before descending hill easy, “walk if needed”. Rest 1min at the bottom of the hill before the next sprint.Treadmill use 7-10% grade, 2min recover between sprints

C2: 10x30sec Sprints all out Efforts. Damper setting is choice,“Come into each sprint at speed to maximize the 30 sec sprint” 2 min recovery between sprints.

“Bike and C2, once your 2min recovery has expired, start your roll in effort for each sprint”

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