Tuesday – October 7th, 2014

We have 123 of 250 votes needed.
 Mission CrossFit needs your help.  Chase Bank and Google are awarding 20 grants for small businesses.  There are three parts to their grant process.  The first part was to complete our application which included 5 essay questions.  The second part is where we need your help.  We need to receive 250 votes to move on to the third and final phase which is the Panel Review Process.  The grants will be awarded in January.
To cast your vote please go to
Type in Mission CrossFit and then click on vote.  To vote you need to use your Facebook account.  I am normally weary of doing such.  I checked into the process.  By voting you give Chase access to your Facebook profile but no more.  You are not granting them access to your contact list.  We should be able to get the required 250 votes from within our Mission CrossFit family.  Please have others in your household that have a Facebook account to cast a vote.  Please your influence to get others to vote.  Post a comment and the link to your Facebook page.  This could also be a great way of sharing with your friends how Mission CrossFit has benefited you and why you would love to see us receive this grant.
The grant is for $150k.  We would be using the Grant money to further develop our App that is powering our new program.  The App will not only service our small gym but would extend to all of our members.  We would have our own app to track your workouts which would give us data to better design workout program specifically for you.  This Grant would greatly help us in the development of Mission CrossFit and to the service of our members.
The following is an e-mail I received on Friday.
 Hi Justin, 

I joined Crossfit because of today. My cousin’s wedding is in a few hours. As I reflect back, it’s one of best decisions I’ve made. 10 months ago I weighed 225, had bad knee pain, barely exercised, couldn’t run a mile without walking, etc, 
Since I’ve joined Mission Crossfit my knee pain has disappeared. I have gone down 4 sizes in clothes and lost 40 pounds. Most important I have learned to give it my all, my best. It hasn’t been easy to build a routine and it has taken a lot of trial and error. But the atmosphere your gym created is fun and enjoyable! You and your team of coaches have helped me tremendously in this journey. Your motivational messages set a positive mind set and I’ve learned a lot about fitness goal setting. Jeff and Lisa encouraging words and advice have help me accomplish these goals. Pat’s nutrition advice has helped me get get through a plateau. With Sue and the running group support, I have ran the most miles and soon will attend my first Tough Mudder. All your members inspire me in different ways. 
As I reflect right now being in Hawaii. I couldn’t imagine doing all the active things that I have done here without the goals I have accomplished. I’ve hiked 5+ miles, Ran on the beach, yoga, snorkeling  and many more activities. I am very thankful to you and everyone in Mission Crossfit. When I come back it doesn’t stop there, can’t wait to set new goals!! 
Thanks again! 
 Everyone will do Deadlift today.
Workout Strategy
You will need to quickly find a pace that you believe you will be able to hold.  This is a longer workout and requires some good pacing.  Squat Cleans will take the most energy out of you, so give yourself some time to rest before the Burpees.  Maybe allow yourself 45-60 seconds to do the Squat Cleans and 30 seconds for the burpees.  I want you to focus on good technique.  Make sure you control your breathing.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Deadlift
Level 1:15 minute AMRAP

5 Squat Cleans

5 Over the Bar Burpees

Level 2:15 minute AMRAP

5 Squat Cleans, 95/65#

5 Over the Bar Burpees

Level 3:15 minute AMRAP

5 Squat Cleans, 115/85#

5 Over the Bar Burpees

Level 4:15 minute AMRAP

5 Squat Cleans, 135/95#

5 Over the Bar Burpees

Get more awesome: 1 minute floor L-Sit

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