Tuesday – September 16th, 2014

How important is it that our children obtain jobs while in their youth?  I’d like you to reflect on this.  Did you have a job as a youth.  What experience did you gain from it?  As many of you know Daniel worked in the gym during the summer.  He spent 2-3 hours a day cleaning the gym.  He earned just over $700 this past summer.  On Sunday I sat down and spoke to both of them about their goals.  Each plans to attend college.  Each has shown interest in doing humanitarian service or Missions for our Church.  Theses Missions range in duration from 18-24 months.  The cost to serve a Mission is currently at $400 / month.  For both Morgan and Daniel they need to save approximately $120/month from now to the time they hope to serve a Mission in order to finance it completely on their own.  I was impressed as both were eager to come up with a plan to earn the money.  Daniel calculated that he would need to to work 4.25 hours a week in the gym cleaning.  Morgan started coming up with a plan to sell her scarves that she makes.  I’m continually amazed at how much my kids are learning having to earn their own money for things that are important to them.  They are learning the value of money and hard work.  They are learning the importance of education.  We also talked about how much needs to be saved monthly in order to pay for the college education that they want.  There was a long silence when they realized how much a month needs to be saved.  I took this as a teaching moment to explain the importance of doing well in school to earn scholarships for their education.  They appreciate what they have and what they need to do because they understand it’s value.  I believe all kids should get work experience and play sports.  I believe they need both.  
Day 1 or Day 2
Workout Strategy
 A 20 minute CrossFit workout needs to be paced accordingly.  This is a low average power output workout.  You will need to start a pace just slower than any initial thoughts.  You need to run at a pace that would be equal to a warm up pace.  The wall balls will get your heart rate up and slow your legs down.  We need to manage our breathing and stay focused on our goals.  What I’ve learned from doing this workout.  Level 4 athletes should use a pace between 30-45 seconds for every 10 wall balls.  Level 3 could use 40-55 seconds for every 10 wall ball.  Level 1 & 2 should be at 10 Wall Balls every 60 seconds.  Even 5 every 30 seconds would be a good break down to sustain the pace.  Everyone should aim for completing 3 rounds.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Day 1 or 2
Level 1: 


20 Minute As Many Rounds As Possible

400 meter row

25 Wall Ball Shots

Level 2:  


20 Minute As Many Rounds As Possible

Row 400 meters 

30 Wall Ball Shots, 20/14#

Level 3:


20 Minute As Many Rounds As Possible

Row 600 meters

40 Wall Ball Shots, 20/14#

Level 4: 


3 Rounds

Row 800 meters

50 Wall Ball Shots, 20/14#

To Get more Awesome: 20 Pull Ups or Ring Rows

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