Tuesday – September 9th, 2014

Be Strong.  Stay Positive.  The only person you need to try and be better than is the person you were yesterday.  
Why do we do our strength program?  CrossFit is designed to challenge all levels of athletes.  With that there needs to be a realization that we are not at the same level as the CrossFit athletes we see on ESPN.  Nor do any of us put in the same amount of time training as these athletes do.  To successfully complete movements like the squat clean & jerk, and snatch we must have a core competency.  For many of us this is the first real strength program we have ever participated in.  Because of this we must look at developing the basics.  Front squat forces you to work on your posture.  You will learn to keep your chest and elbows up.  You may also realize that your shoulders, wrists, hips, ankles, or knees are limiting your movement.  We must find what is preventing us from reaching our potential and address the issues.  The core is being taxed much more during the front squat than the back squat and translates better to the squat clean.  The strength program now provides you with goals to accomplish so you can move on to more advanced movements.  I know most people are in a hurry to learn advanced movements but this is why people get hurt.  We must be anxious to get really good at the basics.  Pay attention to the PVC pipe drills and concentrate on moving efficiently.
Workout Strategy
This looks like a very classic CrossFit Benchmark workout called “Fran.”  Beware, it’s not.  This workout will take more strategy and planning than does Fran which has the same total repetitions of each exercise but it is broken up by going between the two movements in three rounds of 21-15-9 or each.  Having to do all the thrusters before moving to pull ups will be much different.  First key component is to do the Thrusters with great form.  Notice my choice of wording to describe your form.  Moving efficiently will be the key to success.  Do not rush the movement.  By rushing the movement you will hit your strength failure threshold to soon and may get stuck just looking at the bar.  I would rather you keep the sets small with small breaks.  For example do 5 reps every thirty seconds.  That means it will take you 4 minutes and 30 seconds to do all 45.  This is good data for you to use on other workouts.  It will allow you to know how much recovery time you need to sustain the energy output that you desire.  Just going until you fail will not give you good feedback about your actual ability in this workout.  The objective for most of these workouts is to help measure where you are for better planning in future workouts.  Do I want you to push it and owrk hard, absolutely.  But I want you to be smart to get the most out of it.  Just trying hard is not enough.  Many of you could look at your “Fran” time which we did on March 8th. and come up with a good game plan.  There is some criteria I want you to follow reference those looking at Level 4 today.  The reason for this is because I would rather you complete the workout faster at a lower weight then to struggle and have it turn into a slow weightlifting/strength workout.  I would like everyone to finish this workout in 7 minutes or less so pick a level that is challenging but you know you can do within the time frame.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                                       Day 1 or Day 2
Level 1:


For time 

45 Thrusters, 

45 Ring Rows

Level 2:



For time 

45 Thrusters, 65/35#

15 Pull Ups

Level 3:



For time

45 Thrusters, 75/45#

30 Pull Ups

Level 4:


For time

45 Thrusters, 95/65#

45 Pull Ups


* Do not do Unless you have a Fran time of less than 7 minutes.

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