Wednesday – June 19th, 2013

Why do you do CrossFit?  What purpose does it serve?  Understanding the purpose is important to success.  If you are coming in just to get a workout then you are missing your opportunity to see great results.  We must do everything with a direction and a purpose.  Look at the Workout Strategy.  Try to understand what we are trying accomplish.  Understand the movements.  Become obsessed with moving well.  Try to understand why we want you moving a certain way.  Once you can come into a workout with a game plan then you will see better performance.  We can take this thought process with us out of the gym.  It should motivate you to eat better, sleep more, and be more positive.  Look at the way you sit and stand.  Just fixing those can have a profound impact on our posture and positioning during a workout.  You spend far more time out of the gym then you ever will in it.  Understand why we want you to eat a certain way.  We need to change the way we think so we can change our behavior.  What you do out of the gym is a better indication of health and strength then what you do in the gym.  The gym gives us tools to be better outside.  Learn, Understand, and make changes.  Be awesome.
In CrossFit we love “Jerks.”  The Jerk is the most powerful and efficient way from getting weight from our shoulders to locked out overhead.  Learn it and love it.  Make sure the weight is resting on your shoulders at the initiation of the movement.  Feet are in a jumping stance.  Dip and drive as hard as possible and then push yourself under the bar until your arms lock out.  Feet can land in a squat stance or a splint lunge position.
Workout Strategy
The Kettlebell Snatch is Back.  I really like this movement because it allows us to show explosive power and yet takes coordination, balance, and accuracy.  At the top of the Snatch position think of being in school and raising your hand as high as possible.  Select a weight that allow you to maintain good form.  For a vast majority the Wall Balls will be the limiting factor.  You need to focus more on this movement.  It is also a high explosive movement that involves accurately throwing and catching a ball.  Don’t cheat the squat.  Keep your elbows up and ball near your face.  Catch the ball up high.  Break up the Wall Balls into manageable sets with limited set rest.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day Jerk: 10 minutes to Establish a new 3 rep MAX
Level 1: 


Three Rounds for Time of: 

20 KettleBell Snatches (10L/10R) 

15 Wall Ball

Level 2:


Three Rounds for Time of:

20 KettleBell Snatches (10L/10R) 35/18#

15 Wall Ball 14/10#

Level 3:


Three Rounds for Time of:

30 KettleBell Snatches (15L/15R) 44/26#

25 Wall Ball 20/14#

Level 4:


Three Rounds for Time of: 

30 KettleBell Snatches (15L/15R) 53/35#

25 Wall Ball 20/14#

Get More Awesome: 2×1 minute flutter kicks – rest 1 minute between sets

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