Wednesday – March 26th, 2014

Saturday April 12.
We will be going to CrossFit Forest for a friendly team workout competition.  I hope that you are all planning to attend.
 Today you need to take a self inventory of how you are doing.  How are you doing on your goals?  Do you have clearly defined goals?  Here are some guidelines we need to follow when setting our goals.  They need to positive, specific, realistic, time sensitive, and motivational.  Example:  I will complete a strict pull up by May 1st, 2014.  Goal setting is crucial for success.  We need to have both short and long term goals.  Daily, weekly, and monthly goals will help you stay motivated and focused.  I want you to make three goals right now.  One each for personal, family, and work related.  Share these goals with someone.  
DAY 1, 2, or 3
Workout Strategy
So the rep scheme may be a little confusing but we are doing three rounds of three movements with decreasing reps each round.  With this we can break the workout into 9 stations.  We want to spend no more than 60 seconds at each station.  For level two that means you get  60 seconds to do 12 pull ups and then 60 seconds to do 15 dips and so on.  The goal is to do the workout in less than 9 minutes.  The nice thing about giving yourself 60 seconds to do each of the last set of pull ups, dips, and Clean and Jerk is that you will be tired but there is far less reps than the first round so you will be able to finish fast and strong.  (Nice run on sentence right)  CrossFit is supposed to be high intensity.  Intensity is measured by work / time.  If we look at level 2 again there are a total of 27 Pull Ups, 27 Dips, and 18 Clean and Jerk.  It only takes about 1.5 seconds to complete a Pull Up, 2 seconds to complete a Dip, and 4 seconds to complete a Clean and Jerk.  That means total working time for this workout is 2 minutes 47 seconds.  A 2:1 rest to work ratio is what we are looking for today.  Anything more than that will greatly decrease the average power output (intensity).  If you do a lighter weight but do the workout faster than the desired 9 minutes you will see far more benefits than going heavier but taking 12 minutes or so.  But, I’m working strength you say.  We are not working strength in most Work Outs of the Day.  We are working on metabolic conditioning.  This is why we have a strength of the day which for today has you doing 20 reps in 10 minutes.  Low reps higher weight.  If you find that your are held back by strength than you will need to spend more time working those weaknesses.  
What can you learn from today’s workout?  I know that the 155# Clean and Jerk would take me to long to complete in the desired time.  The Chest to bar Pull Ups would also start to give me trouble.  I decided to do level three as written.  Once I completed the workout (7.35) I realized that I COULD have done Chest to Bar Pull ups and stayed within the desired time.  An increase in weight on the Clean & Jerk would have still caused me some problems.  We need to look at our workouts when we are done and gather the loads of information they are providing to us.  The workout will show you your strengths and weaknesses.  What combinations of movements you are good at and which ones you need to work on.  This information will allow you to plan better for the next workout.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day Day 1, 2, or 3
Level 1: 

12 Ring Rows

15 Bench Dips

9 Clean & Jerks

9 Ring Rows

12 Bench Dips

6 Clean & Jerks

6 Ring Rows

9 Bench Dips

3 Clean & Jerks

Level 2:
12 Pull Ups

12 Dips

9 Clean & Jerks, 95/65#

9 Pull Ups

9 Dips

6 Clean & Jerks, 95/65#

6 Pull Ups

6 Dips

3 Clean & Jerks, 95/65#

Level 3: 

18 Pull Ups

18 Ring Dips

12 Clean & Jerks, 115/85#

15 Pull Ups

15 Ring Dips

9 Clean & Jerks, 115/85#

12 Pull Ups

12 Ring Dips

6 Clean & Jerks, 115/85#

*Under 8 minutes

Level 4: 

18 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

18 Ring Dips

12 Clean & Jerks, 155/105#

15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

15 Ring Dips

9 Clean & Jerks, 155/105#

12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

12 Ring Dips

6 Clean & Jerks, 155/105#

*Under 9 minute 

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