Wednesday – May 8th, 2013

I talk about words becoming actions.  Well today one of our members told me that I helped teach her youngest child to ride a bike over the weekend.  That caught me off guard because I didn’t help teach anyone to ride a bike.  So the back story.  Simon works out in the morning and brings her told oldest kids to our kids class on Tuesday and Thursday.  Her youngest Zoe(3 years old I believe) is always with her.  At the end of our kids class I always have them repeat after me.  One phrase we always repeat is, “When I fall down, I’ll get back up and try again.”  This helps at many levels with our youth.  One, is not to be surprised when they fall and the second is that we expect them to keep going.  Well, Simon was teaching Zoe to ride a two wheeler.  That phrase apparently was used and she recognized what it meant and kept trying.  Now she rides a two wheeler.  If words can be so powerful for a three year old what are they doing in your life.  Let us look at what we say, mainly about ourselves, and make any changes that we may need to be more positive.
Skill day.  You will notice this week is mainly skill practice.  This is because having better technique will make you lift heavier weight, and that is the goal.
Workout Strategy
 A 20 minute CrossFit workout needs to be paced accordingly.  This is a low average power output workout.  You will need to start a pace just slower than any initial thoughts.  You need to run at a pace that would be equal to a warm up pace.  The wall balls will get your heart rate up and slow your legs down.  We need to manage our breathing and stay focused on our goals.  I started at an 8 minute mile pace for the run and tried to do 10 Wall balls every 30 seconds.  That pace survived the first round but dropped of significantly the second round (6.30).  My second run took 4:30 and the wall ball pace slowed by 30 seconds. (7.30) The third run was even slower.  What I learned.  Level 4 athletes should use a pace between 30-45 seconds for every 10 wall balls.  Level 3 could use 40-55 seconds for every 10 wall ball.  Level 1 & 2 should be at 10 Wall Balls every 60 seconds.  Even 5 every 30 seconds would be a good break down to sustain the pace.  Everyone should aim for  completing 3 rounds.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Snatch: 3 every 30 seconds for 5 minutes
Level 1: 

20 Minute As Many Rounds As Possible

400 meter run

25 Wall Ball Shots

Level 2:  

20 Minute As Many Rounds As Possible

Run 400 meters 

30 Wall Ball Shots, 20/14#

Level 3: 

20 Minute As Many Rounds As Possible

Run 600 meters

40 Wall Ball Shots, 20/14#

Level 4: 

3 Rounds

Run 800 meters

50 Wall Ball Shots, 20/14#

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