Wednesday – October 2nd, 2013

On Sunday I was asked if I could speak on Monday to an ROP class held at Mission High School.  These students are taking a course exploring the health care professions.  I graduated from Mission Viejo High School so it was pretty neat to be back there talking with students from the local high schools.  The direction I was given was to talk about how I got into my current career as a Gym Owner.  It is truly amazing to look at how how our life experiences shape what we want to do and how we get there.  The main point of my talk was that life will give you opportunities if you work hard enough to recognize them.  You may or may not become what you think you will.  I mean really, how many of us are currently in the last career we will ever have.  We have to learn to grow and adapt.  All health care professions are about helping people.  The challenge I gave them was to become better at connecting with people.  To become more understanding of different cultures and thoughts.  Being able to connect with people of various backgrounds is a key to success.  I shared some stories from my last career which is always a hit with teenagers.  Some were success stories and some were the harsh reality that we are not always successful.  How do you deal with your own emotions when things go wrong.  
Workout Strategy
There are two goals for this workout.  Run as fast as you can and accomplish as many squats as you can.  These are not independent of one another.  The run will affect your squats and vice versa.  You should have a goal time to accomplish each run and a goal for squats.  Try to stay consistent with both.  For our Level 4 athletes they should shot for 1 min 40 second or less per run and 60 squats.  Everyone should shoot for a minimum of 40 squats.  The longer it takes your partner to run the more squats you should be able to do.  Don’t stand around and wait for your partner.  Take the opportunity to get more squats in.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Strict press 10 reps EMOM for 5 minutes
Partner WOD! 

“Run Faster”

400m run


400m run


400m run

sit ups

400m run


While partner is running, do as many reps of the exercise as possible.

If doing the workout on your own, time your run and then do reps for

the same amount of time. Post total reps and Time. 


To Get more Awesome: front rack walk with partner.

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